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Settings Import/Export

All settings in Room Display can be exported/imported from a xml file. Each setting have a specific key stored in the xml file.
Through out all these pages you can see at the end of each section how you add/change this settings in the xml file.
You can then read this section about how to use it.

Settings Screen

Settings screen can be reached by pressing the corner to left (landscape) or right bottom corner (portret). All settings are automatically stored and the app is refreshed first when you press Close up in the right corner. Settings screen can also be password protected.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 17.47.27.png
XML Settings
Node: <Settings id="1"></Settings>
Parent: This is root node
Attributes: id should be incremented if you are using automatic update. The app will check if id has incremented and only do update if its bigger.

Calendar Settings

Here you will find all settings that are connect to the calendar source.
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System Settings

Here you will find settings about Settings password, Device Settings, Debugging.
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Display Settings

Here you will find settings about visual settings like room name and what information should be shown or not.
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Text Settings

Here you will find all settings that allows you to change text size.
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Color Settings

Here you can find settings about colors in the app. For example change background color.
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Import/Export Settings

Room Display supports storage of all settings in xml files. Here you can find information on how to export, import from url and schedule download and update of settings from server.
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Device License

Here you will activate/deactivate your license.
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Version and About

Here you can read what your current version is.
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