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Quick Book

Quick Book lets you easy book the room directly on the device.


Start booking

Quick Book is by default enabled for the users (You can read here on how to change this).

To start a new book session press the icon near the clock.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 20.14.08.png

Default Screen

The default screen has one selectable option and that is Duration. Duration is found in 15, 30 and 60 minutes. When Quick Book starts it will start with finding first available 15 minutes slot. It will then test if duration 30 and 60 also can fit on the same starting time.

If options are not available then they will be shown in red.


When you select a duration you can see in the from/to fields what time the meeting will be.

Red times

If a meeting duration is not available from the starting time that is from default you can search for next time slot that day. By pressing the time red icon for the time span it will automatically search for next available.

Event name

You can decide if you want your users to enter a event name on the meeting. This can be optional or required. (You can find settings about enabling and setting required here)


Custom Duration

If you want to give your users more options you can enable Custom duration (read here on how to enable).

When this is enabled you users will see beside the normal duration options a Custom button.


When the custom option is preset normal duration options will be disabled (you can reach them again through closing the quick book screen and enter it again)


You then set from and to time manually. When you press save the time duration will be checked if available and if time slot is free it will be booked. If not then you will get a warning saying you that its colliding with another meeting and what time it is colliding with.


Round end time

A feature that exists in Room Display and is enabled by default is the rounding of start/end time (you can read about how to disable it here).
This features strives to make a bit nicer looking from/to times.

Here follow some examples:

 With: From 22:40, Duration 15, To 23:00 (Actual length 20 min)
 Without: From 22:40, Duration 15, To 22:55 (Actual length 15 min)
 With: From 22:41, Duration 30, To 23:15 (Actual length 39 min)
 Without: From 22:41, Duration 30, To 23:11 (Actual length 30 min)
 With:  From 22:45, Duration 60, To 23:45 (Actual length 60 min)
 Without: From 22:45, Duration 60, To 23:45 (Actual length 60 min)
 With:  From 22:47, Duration 30, To 23:15 (Actual length 28 min)
 Without: From 22:47, Duration 30, To 23:17 (Actual length 30 min)
 With: From 22:52, Duration 15, To 23:00 (Actual length 8 min)
 Without: From 22:52, Duration 15, To 23:07 (Actual length 15 min)
 With: From 22:53, Duration 15, To 23:15 (Actual length 22 min)
 Without: From 22:53, Duration 15, To 23:08 (Actual length 15 min)


Room Display can not only be localized in string language it can also change from 24h to 12h format. Both language and 24/12 format is decided from the android device settings.

To change from 24 h format to 12 h you need to change device settings under clock.


When you have change this setting Room Display will start showing time in 12 hour format with pm/am.