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Main Screen

Main screen is the core of Room Display. Here you will see information like room name, clock, upp coming meeting, next meeting and you can book a room via Quick Book.


Room Display works in both landscape and portrait mode. There is no settings need just flip the device to get the different views.





Event Status

There are three types of states on the events.

Ongoing meeting

This is the current meeting which will render the status bar red.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 21.25.51.png

Upcoming meetings

When there is several meetings coming after the ongoing/next meeting to show the pipeline.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 21.26.16.png

Next meeting

When there is no ongoing meeting and there is a meeting coming you will see Next Meeting.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 21.27.12.png

Pending meeting

When a meeting has not been confirm (if Pending meeting is activated) they will show up as pending. When the meeting is within the duration period a popup will show for the user to confirm their meeting.

Event information

A event will will have different options shown depending on settings and available information (for display settings go here).


Status can be one of Ongoing meeting, Next meeting and upcoming meetings


Start and end time for the meeting will always be shown. It can shown in both 12/24h format.

Title/Event name

Title/Event name is shown if enabled in settings. If enabled it will show the title of the event. If title is same as organizer you can see the FAQ for help to solve this.


If organizer exists and enabled in settings it will be shown within parentheses. Sometimes even if enabled there is no organizer shown. This happens when the organizer is the same as the resource email. So booked in its own calendar.

Ends/starts in

This will show how long time its left on a ongoing meeting or how long to start of a new meeting.

Pending meeting popup

When Pending meeting is activated and the event is with in the timespan a popup will appear for the user to confirm their meeting. If not confirmed within time the meeting will be deleted with no going back! You can also hide the popup and then it will show up again next minut.


Room Display today exists in 3 languages English, German and Swedish. Currently there are work being done to translate to Norwegian and Finish.
Language is set from device language set in Android Settings.




German (Long words so Text scaling needs to be lower when using German)




Time format can be set to be in 12 or 24 hours. This is also set in android settings.


No Networking Connection

If you have lost connection you will see a message that you might be out of sync. Make sure you have networking connection or if you use ethernet you need to disable network check.

Hidden Buttons

If you have installed HideBar or equal to hide the Soft Menu bar on Android 3 and 4 you will loose the Home button and Hide Keyboard button. To be able to use these when needed there is two hidden buttons on the menu bar.


On Landscape you will have the top part as home, just benath this you will find hide keyboard.



On Portrait you will have the left part as home, just to the right you will find hide keyboard.