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Room Display can be installed either via Google Play (preferred) or manual download.

Installing from Google Play

Google Play is the preferred way to download Room Display and keep it updated. If you check "Allow automatic updating" you will always get the latest release from us.

Too find Room Display you can search for "Room Display 3" either on the device or on their website.

Google Play on device


Googe Play online (direct link)

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 21.55.29.png

Installing manually

Some devices do not have support for Google Play sadly. For these devices you can still download our app from our website.
Download from here:

Since there are no automatic updates you need to keep track of updates your self and download the same file when updated. We always keep it up to date so you don't have to find out new urls for new releases.
We have now also started a google group for keeping track of our updates. Go here to join:!forum/roomdisplay-releases

First Load

When you first start Room Display it will look for settings on the root of your SDCARD. If there is a file called roomdisplay.xml it will try to load initial settings from this.


Automatic download from URL

You can create a minimal roomdisplay.xml settings file and put on your SDCARD. You can enter a URL for downloading the full settings from this one. This is a neat way of just pushing out the minimal needed configuration to the device.

Here is a template file of what nodes are needed (File:Roomdisplay-mini.xml, edit and rename to roomdisplay.xml and upload to SDCARD root ). Remember to point it to a full roomdisplay settings file (you can read more about it here).